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Medical Engineering and Development focuses the combined talents and experiences of Bruce Harshe and Sharon Harshe, an engineer and a veterinarian, toward the development of hard to find special purpose veterinarian surgical equipment, lifting transport/surgical tables, exotic animal specialty laryngoscopes and veterinary supplies.



During October and November we are offering 5% off on our foam filled Rhino Kennel Mats that are in two colors, such as green on top and white on the bottom.  This includes orders for special sizes, as well as the mats equipped with handles for transporting patients.

These mats make cleaning a kennel very easy after a patient has been discharged.  Since they are vinyl covered, cleaning is limited to a quick "wipe down" of the mat with disinfectant after the kennel or run has been cleaned for the next patient. 

This eliminates the time and cost for staff to wash and dry bedding, not counting the energy costs associated with these activities.

More important is the patients frequently prefer the foam filled kennel mats over bedding the client may provide when the patient is admitted to the hospital or kennel.  The foam also insulates geriatric patients from cool or cold floors in the runs for greater patient comfort.

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We also provide custom equipment for research and zoo veterinarians.

Shark Transport and Release                      Large Animal Electrical Lifting Transport GurneyElectric Lifting Transprot Gurney in Lowered PositionShark Release


Our line of respiration monitors, breathing sensors, animal transport stretchers, lifting tables and unique veterinary surgical supplies provides specialized assistance to exotic animal veterinarians, zoo keepers and wildlife professionals.

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