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Bruce and Sharon HarsheIn 1985, Medical Engineering and Development started developing veterinary surgical equipment that would help veterinarians dealing with wildlife and endangered species.

The first product designed and produced was an arterial blood pressure monitor for lions, elephants and other wildlife on game farms. The wildlife veterinarian performed an arterial stick, then monitored blood pressure fluctuations to determine the animal's plane of anesthesia while the testing, tagging and physical examination was performed. This was followed in 1986 by the introduction of the first electronic respiration monitor which directly measured the mass flow of air to and from the patient (i.e. tidal volume). Over the following three years additional sensors were developed to allow respiration monitoring of all avian, reptile and mammal species - from parakeets and white mice to reptiles and elephants.

In 1990 the company introduced the first of their lifting transport tables and stretchers for small animal practitioners. The Lifting Table product line soon expanded to include lifting and surgical tables for wildlife and large animals. A more complete line of stretchers capable of carrying large zoo cats, bears and gorillas followed.

Being the practical engineer that he is, Bruce researches,designs and develops equipment and supplies that Sharon suggests and tests to make her veterinarian practice more animal friendly, personally productive and cost effective.

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