Laryngoscopes and Lighted Stylets

Our specialty laryngoscopes and lighted stylets were designed to meet the needs of zoo and exotic animal veterinarians. However, we've found that some large animal veterinarians may also find them useful for species such as lamas or porcine (swine).  To that end, during 2013 we have developed laryngoscopes specifically for swine (porcine).  These are discussed below along with the zoo animal laryngoscopes.

Long Blade Laryngoscopes

35, 45, 55, and 65 cm Long Straight Blade Laryngoscopes.

Narrow Blade Laryngoscopes

30 cm narrow long blade Laryngoscopes with curved or straight blade, and with offset handle.

Our laryngoscopes and stylets use LED's powered by regular AAA batteries in the handle that last 10 hours. Replacement of these ordinary batteries should be a rare thing, but it is quick, easy, and inexpensive when the need does arrive.

All of our laryngoscopes are one piece (the blade and the handle are stainless steel and welded together) and moisture resistant.  The blades of the laryngoscopes can not "pop off" when force is applied to the handle to visualize the glottis.

A rugged "push-on/push-off" switch for turning the LED "on" and "off" is located on the bottom of the handle and has a guard to prevent accidentially turning it on when it is being transportedly.

The Lighted Stylets are intended to light the glottis and simplyify intubation when a laryngoscope would not otherwise be needed.  They are designed to be strong enough to allow the veterinarian or staff member to apply force to the bottom of the inside of the tube to compress soft tissue, if that is necessary.

Stylets are available for tubes ranging in size from 6 mm to 30 mm.

Carrying Cases for storing and carrying one or more laryngoscopes are also available!

Development of our line of laryngoscopes is continuing. If you have a special need not addressed by the laryngoscopes below, do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to discuss the need further.

There are currently three styles of zoo animal laryngoscopes available as follows:

Long-Blade Laryngoscopes

These laryngoscopes are available in lengths of 35, 45, 55, and 65 cm. They are 2.5 cm wide, and the blades are straight.

They were designed for the intubations of patients such as lions, lamas, and giraffes.

Narrow Long-Blade Laryngoscopes

Narrow Long-Blade Laryngoscopes
These laryngoscopes are intended for larger macropods and small hoofed stock. An example of a large macropod would be the Red Kangaroo. The laryngoscopes are also suitable for pigs.

The blades are 30 cm long and 1.75 cm wide. The laryngoscopes can be purchased with either a straight or a curved blade. There is also a version in which the handle is held horizontally so you can easily see below as well as above the blade of the laryngoscope!

Very Narrow Long-Blade Laryngoscopes

Very Narrow Long-Blade Laryngoscopes
These laryngoscopes are intended for smaller macropods such as Bennetts Wallabies and adult Eastern Gray Kangaroos.

The blades are 30 cm long and 0.7 cm wide. All blades have a curve in them.  The smooth blunt nose design minimizes the chance of tramatizing tissue during its use.

Click here for pricing and ordering information of all styles of our laryngoscopes.

Development within the Very Narrow Long-Blade Laryngoscopes is continuing. If you have a special need, do not hesitate to contact us.


Laryngoscopes for Swine

During 2013 we have been developing laryngoscopes used with swine.  Since veterinarians intubate with the animal lying in different positions, different styles of laryngoscopes have been developed or are still under development to address the problems unique to each position.

The designs start with either our standard long-blade or our narrow long-blade laryngoscope which is then modified.  Common to both of the swine laryngoscopes we made is the light source being located about 1 1/2 inches (approximately 4 cm) back from the distal end of the laryngoscopes.

Narrow Blade Swine Laryngoscope Side View QC Swine (Porcine) Laryngoscope

This swine laryngoscope is 35 cmm long and 1.7 cm wide.  The light source is 1 1/2 inches (approximately 4 cm) from the tip


hog pig laryngoscope

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