Lifting Transport/Treatment Gurneys

This table was developed for institutional use where the demands can be extreme.  It uses a rugged industrial hydraulic table frame.  This table was designed to be run over grating when fully loader, or run into a concrete cube while loaded, all without causing the welds to break.  Since it is rated for lifting 600 pounds, the mechanism will not wear out lifting on 150 or 200 pound patients.

Numerous features result in the table being the best value for lifting and transporting patients of any lifting transport hydraulic table available.  For example, the swivel wheels not only have a lock which stops the wheel from turning, but it also locks the pivot pin so the wheel will not swivel.  This is important when inducing a patient in a run.  The patient normally stands beside the table.  As the drug takes effect, the patient slumps onto the table.  However, if the swivel pin is not locked, the wheel can pivot allowing the table to move away from the patient as pressure is applied to the side of the table.  This could allow the patient to slide to the floor rather than onto the table.  It is then necessary for the staff to lift the patient onto the table, subjecting them to the portential for back strain, which a lifting table is intended to eliminate.

Numerous options (all suggested by veterinarians) are available so the table can perform multiple functions in the clinic and improve asset utilization.

Lifting Tables Transport Tables

Table shown with Formica top, near-surgical quality task lamp, instrument tray and crash-door bumpers.

Lifting Tables Transport Tables

Table shown with Triage package (stainless steel tilt top,horizontal tie-off rail, instrument tray and IV pole), dental tray and crash door bumpers.

Lifting Tables Transport Tables

Table shown with Formica top, IV pole, and instrument tray.

The standard table comes in medium gray with a light gray, durable, stain resistant Formica top.

Standard features include:

Adjustable 12 inches to 36 inches high
5-inch diameter wheels (2 swivel and lock for a stable working platform)
Stainless steel table top 22 inches wide by 40 inches long with crash door bumpers
One year warranty

The finish on the lifting mechanism when it is received is not suitable for a medical facility. The paint scratches easily and rusting can start if not attended to promptly. MED disassembles every mechanism, has the old paint burned off, has the frame sandblasted, coated with a chip and scratch powdercoat coating, then reassembled. Though this is time consuming and expensive, it provides a table which will look nice for many years.

The 5-inch diameter wheels allow the table to roll over cracks in the floor, floor grating, door thresholds, and over carpeting much easier than is possible with smaller wheels. As mentioned earlier, the swivel wheels have a special wheel lock which not only prevents the wheel from turning, but also locks the wheel on the swivel pin so the wheel will not swivel while locked! This assures a stable platform when transferring a patient from the transport table to the surgical table or from the transport table to a recovery cage.

This feature also facilitates loading a large patient which is induced in the cage area. As the anesthetic starts to take effect the techs want to lay the patient on the table, however, if the table were to shift only 2 inch on the pivot pin the pelvis can miss the edge of the table and the patient ends up on the floor. Now the staff must lift the patient onto the table, defeating the reason the table was purchased. Our lock on the pivot pin eliminates this potential!

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