Zoo/Wildlife/Large Animal Surgical Tables With A Fixed "V" Top

The Zoo/Wildlife/Large Animal Surgical Table with a Fixed "V" top is one of the three versions available as a lifting transport table. The standard lifting transport table (gurney) has a flat stainless steel top while the fixed "V" lifting surgical table has a shallow "V" shaped stainless steel top which is elevated at one end.  This version allows for the control of fluids while still allowing a relatively flat top for the easy transfer of a patient onto and off of an elevated platform such as a cage floor or the bed of a truck.  Thus the table can also be used for transport duty.

Zoo Keeper treatment of Exotic Animals
Veterinarians treatment of Large Animals

The table shown above is the Zoo/Wildlife/Large Animal Surgical Table with the fixed "V".

Standard features for the fixed "V" surgical top include:

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Surgical Table trough, drain hole, and bucket hook.Table for Animal Surgery

Veterinarian Surgical TableSurgical Table adjustable side restraints in 3 slots. Eyelets screw into sliding blocks

Surgical Table has a shallow "V" and is slightly elevated at one end to collect fluids at the drain.Animal Surgical Table

Lifting capability - 900 pounds, though 1200 and 1600 pound versions are available
Stainless Steel Table top Size - 66" x 36"
Manual (Foot Pedal Pump) Hydraulic Lift, though an electric lift option is available
Lifting from 10" to 38" high

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