Lighted Stylets

Lighted Stylets are a new concept for visualizing the glottis of animals with long narrow oral cavities.  They are currently available for tubes sized from 6 mm to 30 mm.  They are intended to be used where the mouth of the patient is narrow and visualization of the glottis is difficult or not possible once a laryngoscope and an endotracheal tube are inserted into the mouth.  This a common problem with small exotic hoofed stock as well as with goats and sheep.  The lighted stylet offers a way to maneuver the tube to the glottis while providing light to the field of interest.  The elimination of the laryngoscope can permit better visualization of the glottis when space in the oral cavity is limited.  The smooth blunt end of the stylet minimizes the chance for tissue traumatization.

For the longest ET tubes, it has been found that internal walls of the ET tube act as a light tube, reflecting the light from the stylet down the inside of the ET tube, lighting the area around the distal end of the tube.  Using this effect, moderate length 65 cm stylets, for example, can light the area at the distal end of a 30 mm tube which is 100 cm long.

Lighted Stylet/Tubular Laryngoscope/Oral Inspection Light

The 35 cm lighted stylet on the right was originally successfully developed as a laryngoscope for Bennets Wallabies and Gray Kangaroos.  However it was found to be very useful as a stylet when intubating goats and sheep.

Purchasers of this lighted stylets have reported it is very useful for oral or dental exams in a wide variety of species.

Currently, stylets are available in 10 cm increments starting at 35 cm and ranging up to 65 cm.  These stylets are 7 mm in diameter.

A 5.5 mm diameter stylet 20 cm long is available for smaller species.

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