Rhino Mats - Large Animal Cushions

Rhino Mats are a line of heavy-duty, large animal cushions for floor and stalls. Developed originally to cushion a rhino, which had been sedated, these mats are versatile and easy to store.


Standard features include:

Standard Size Mats
4 foot long, 2 foot wide, 4 inches thick. Allows economy of fabrication

Mats can be connected to fit specific patient size. Cushions can be created up to 4 foot wide and 8 feet long using our standard size.

Strong Foam
Allows supporting the heaviest patients

Side Handles
Easy to position on the floor as well as to carry. Handles can also be used as hangers for storage or cushioning a stall

Large Velcro Strips
Sewed into polyester reinforced vinyl cover. Allows easy joining of mats when forming large cushions

Rugged Vinyl Cover
Will not tear, even if cut or chewed

Large Zippers
Allows easy removal of foam for cleaning, if necessary

Pillows and Accessories
Also are available. Please contact us for specifics

Non-standard size mats and/or different foam strength available, please call us for a quote

Rhino Mat Velcro Strips

Velcro strips sewed to edge of mat on two edges for joining mats.

Rhino Mat Handles

Reinforced strap handles for moving or storing individual mats

Rhino Mat Zipper

Large zippers permit easy removal of foam 1.

Rhino Mat Velcro Strip

Generous sized Velcro connect tabs for joining mat together

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