Small Animal Kennel Mats

Kennel Mats/Cushions (Description and Testing Results)

Our vinyl covered, foam filled kennel mats (which are available in any size) always look nice while providing comfort for recovering patients, boarders (including geriatric patients) housed in your kennels and runs, or they can be used in the home for a pet's comfort.  The mats are also available in a range of colors to match you decor or perhaps your school's colors.

These mats simplify house keeping for the owner.  If the patient soils the mat, cleanup and sterilization is simple since the cover is vinyl. Simply wash it off and wipe it down with sterilization solution.  If your geriatric patients have incontinence problems, the staff will appreciates these mats because they are so easy to clean after the accident has been discovered. 

 Pot Bellied Pig on Kennel Mat

Dogs love the cushions.  It has been found that a dog in a run with both our mat and a blanket or bedding from home usually prefers to lay our mat when resting.  It’s soft and it insulates them from the cool stainless steel or concrete underneath while providing comfort this comfort.  This feature is again most appreciated by arthritic geriatric patients.  

Golden Retreiver on Kennel Mat

 This same testing has found that dogs inclined to chewing tend not to chew the kennel mat.  This statement is based on two testing programs.

 In the first test program at a veterinary clinic, a kennel mat was intentionally placed with boarding dogs that were know to chew nearly anything left in the run.  The test started in April 2008.  It wasn’t until late December 2008 that a dog chewed a hole in a corner of the mat.  Clinic personnel indicated the 7 month old puppy was probably the worst dog with anxiety in the practice.Multiple Colors of Kennel Mats Cushions

The second test involved 20 kennel mats at a veterinary practice.  These were also delivered in April 2008.  By November of 2008, the clinic reported that only one mat had been “chewed”, and the staff easily repaired it by sewing it shut.  Again the dog was described as having high anxiety levels.  

 The mat consists of a sheet of 2 inch thick medium strength foam rubber core with a durable reinforced vinyl cover.  The cover is a tightly woven polyester cord mesh with a flexible vinyl coating.  The polyester cord mesh resists tearing if a hole is chewed in the material to limit the damage if a dog does chew a hole in the mat.  The damage it can be easily repaired with vinyl cover repair kit which can be purchased at a pool supply facility, or the hole can be simply sewn shut and the seam coated with a seam sealer such as thoses used on camping equipment.   

 We would be willing to provide you with a piece of the cover material to test the strength of the material.  You will not be able to rip this material.  

The cost of our standard kennel cushions are as follows:

1) 34 inch long, 24 inch wide, and 2 inch thick - $79.00 each, plus shipping.
2) 48 inch long, 24 inch wide, and 2 inch thick - $89.00 each, plus shipping.

Discounts are available if more than one mat is ordered.  

We would be happy to quote a specific size to meet your needs.

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