Small Animal Sensors
Small Animal Sensors

One major design requirement for the Respiration/Tidal Volume Monitor was simplicity of use. To that end, the veterinarian will generally find that only a single sensor is needed to monitor their patients, such as the Small Animal sensor or the Feline sensor. However, some practices have a very broad scope of patients, and in these instances it may be appropriate to have more than one sensor size in the practice. An example is a practice with both avian and small animal patients.

There are four basic sizes of sensors based upon their application. All MED sensors are interchangeable at the monitor. To change monitoring capability, simply unplug the sensor from the monitor and connect the new one you have selected.

This interchangeability is a significant MED feature for mixed practices, zoos or private practices having both small animal and exotic animal patients.

To our knowledge, Medical Engineering and Development is the only company with the confidence to provide a 3 year warranty on sensors. If our sensor ever does need repair, we perform that service.

We also work with veterinarians who have special monitoring needs. If one of our current sensors will not meet your needs, contact us and we will work with you to develop a sensor which does.

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