Small Animal Stretchers (Less than 150 Pounds)

Animal Stretchers to To Transport Animals

Our Back Saver Small Animal Stretchers for patients under 150 pounds make transporting a lot easier. If your need if for animals weighing more than 150 pounds, one of our three "Super Stretchers" with 300, 500 and 800 pound ratings should be used.  Click here for information about our Super Stretchers.

All three of our Small Animal Stretchers have removable handles. The easy to clean vinyl material between the stretcher poles is reinforced with a fine mesh polyester cord which prevents tearing even if a patient has chewed a hole in the fabric.

Edges are rolled and doubled stitched for added strength and durability. A piece of fabric will be sent upon request. You are invited to try and rip it.

The grips used on our stretchers are made of a soft ribbed rubber with a flange.  The soft ribbed rubber design provides a more secure grip on the handle when your hands are wet than would a smooth hard rubber grip.  The flange holds the gripping portion of the handle off the floor even when the patient may be resting on the steel support, thus making it easier to get your fingers under the handle for lifting.

 Shark Release Using 58 inch StretcherShark release using 58 inch stretcher

All of the stretchers are available in a Post-Op clean-up version with a mesh center panel.  If the stretcher is supported on supports spanning a tube, the flow of water used to cleanup a patient following surgery is easier to control.  The water flows straight down the sides of the patient, through the mesh, and into the tub.  The water is less likely to flow sideways into regions you did not wish to get wet.  The mesh center panel does not reduce the load carrying capacity of the stretcher. 

All of our stretchers are easy to store when not in use. Simply roll it up and store in a convenient closet until needed.Small Animal Stretcher Sizes

Standard Sizes: 36", 46" and 58" long.  All are rated to 150 pounds.

Feedback from veterinary practices provide the following guidance for selecting a specific size.

         A German Shepard can be carried on either a 36" or a 46" stretcher, though the head may need to be supported with the 36" stretcher.

         A Great Dane can be carried on either a 46" or a 58" stretcher, though the head may need to be supported with the 46" stretcher.

These stretchers are also finding applications with wildlife and marine management organizations.  Common applications are transporting Whitetail Deer, Dolphins, and Sharks.  If the animals weigh more than 150 pounds or are to be transported over rough terrain, however, we recommend using our heavier duty Super Stretcher.  Feel free to call and discuss your application for advise on choosing the correct stretcher.

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