Super Stretchers - Large Animals (Over 150 Pounds)

Super Stretcher carrying Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep

Super Stretcher Carrying Adult Male Sea Lion

Adult Male Sea Lion

If you can lift it, we can carry it!

The Super-Stretcher is intended to transport large animals such as zoo animals, game species such as deer, and marine species in both your medical facilities and in the field. Years of veterinary experience have been incorporated into the design.

  • The Super-Stretchers are light weight compared to their lifting and carrying capability. For example, the Super-Stretcher rated for 500 lbs. weighs less than 30 pounds!
  • Poles are removable so the mat will lay flat on the floor so the patient can be slid onto it!
  • Extra handles on the sides make it easier for people on the sides not only help carry the patient, but to also assist loading the patient onto a truck or into an elevated cage!
  • Mats, poles and handles are easily cleaned and will not absorb liquids!

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                        JaguarJaguar on 300 pound large animal stretcher

If one of our standard Super-Stretchers doesn't meet your needs, contact us and we will make one that does!

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