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We have built rugged hydraulic lifting transport gurneys and surgical tables for over 12 years for veterinarians involved in small and large animal practices. All of our tables, including our two surgical tables, are designed to lift and transport patients. Our large animal surgical tables come in two styles. One version has a fixed shallow "V" top with a fluids collection system. The second large animal surgical table has an adjustable "V" top with a fluids collection system.

The ability to use a large animal surgical table as a transport gurney and as a lift thus increases the value of the asset. There is no longer a need to purchase two or three pieces of equipment. One does it all!

Our tables have durability as a primary requirement. This feature represents a significant value at facilities with staffs, such as at zoos, research facilities, and colleges. Running our tables fully loaded across floor grating or into concrete curbs will not result in broken welds as occurs with light duty tables.

We also customize tables to meet your specific needs. Examples of past customizations includes large pneumatic tires for outdoor use, requirements for the table top to lift higher than normal, oversized or undersized table tops, and complimentary colors to match existing clinic decor, including Formica counter tops.

Options include an electrical lift version of the large animal surgical and transport tables, numerous accessories, and greater lift capability than our standard Wildlife/Zoo Lifting Transport Surgical Table.

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