Surgical Transport Mats

Our newest transport product takes our two foot by four foot kennel mat the fits your wet table or surgical table and adds two handles on each side.  These were intended as cushions for surgical tables or wet tables, however they can now be used as a transport device also.  This allows for not only easy transporting of a patient following surgery, but also permits transporting dogs that have difficulty walking (older dogs or patients recovering from surgery or injuries).  These mats also have all of the attributes of our kennel mats described on other pages of this website.  (See our link below)

These mats are also useful when the induction area and the surgical suite are accessed through narrow halls and have to go around corners with a very shot turning radius.  A regular stretcher may not make the turn, but the mat will bend in the middle and allow you to turn the corner

An example of how these transport mats would be used following a surgical procedure is as follows.  A staff member on each side of the table holds the handles, then slides the mat holding the patient off the table.  They then carry the patient on the mat to the recovery kennel or run, thus avoiding the potential problems with hand carrying the patient in your arms, or transferring the patient from the surgical table onto a stretcher or other transport device.  The carrying mat 1) reduces the chances for back injuries for the staff, 2) keeps the staff members a greater distance from the animal should it wake up and try to bite, and 3) avoids messy uniforms if the staff normally carries the patients in their arms while there may still be blood on them.

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